Sebastien Wen | PTERYGOTA


Two moths lie perched on a May leaf
quivering downwind beats
jacked legs torque, coursing electric

They are the underdogs of meetings,
the pheromones calling lost bottle,
directionless longing for her. He looks at her
with lidless kaleidoscopes. He does not speak English
but he knows what love is. It is written
on the patterns of her wings. They both know,
with all the confidence of religion what is meant
to be happening here. The fundamental truth
of their meeting, what’s next

She nudges the jaw towards a humming thigh
a long drawn pause, a shudder,
that popped vision-shine of ecstasy

Even bugs know
an apple in between


Author’s Bio

SEBASTIEN WEN is a poet and spoken word artist based out of Vancouver. He is the 2014 National Youth Slam Champion and the 2014 Vancouver Youth Slam Champion. His work has appeared in Arc, The Dalhousie Review, and Vallum, among others.