James K. Zimmerman | EPIPHANY


yes is it possible that there lies buried deep
in the irascible and rough-hewn pod
………. of the wild purple vetch
a pearl-green orb so perfectly matched
to the bleeding gold of the setting sun
no certainly not in colour or grandiloquence
but in a numinous glowing intensity of
such power that it flings you helpless
………. to the ground

as if thrown from a flying horse
………. a pegasus a unicorn
no as if falling into your bed from the
precipitous height of a dream

and yes then the glow the iridescence of
………. that moment
the luminous union of sunset and wild pea
merges with the sodden pungence of wet earth
and just-mown hay as you fall still helpless
………. so that you burn from within
lying there in the fire of the sun as it dies
and the vetch as it permeates your mind
………. in white-hot silence


Author’s Bio

JAMES K. ZIMMERMAN, a Pushcart Prize nominee, is the winner of the Daniel Varoujan Award from the New England Poetry Society, the Hart Crane Memorial Poetry Award, and the Cloudbank Poetry Prize. His work appears in The Evansville Review, Atlanta Review, Nimrod, Rosebud, Passager, and Vallum, among others.