Since its inception in 2000, Vallum has been a vital and essential voice in contemporary poetry. Our pages regularly feature emerging and established poets and critics, making it a platform that both launches careers and furthers poetic discourse.

But we can’t do it alone.

Magazine sales and subscriptions don’t even begin to cover the costs of production, so we are asking you – our reader, friend, contributor – to make a donation.






Here are just a few of the achievements that your donations helped make possible in 2020:
  • Vallum  facilitators conducted 29 outreach workshops across the Montreal community and beyond, reaching over 208 individuals
  • We released Vallum  issue 17:1 Home and Vallum  issue 17:2 Space,  as well as four Chapbooks as part of our Chapbook Series
  • Vallum was able to connect with its readers through the digital sphere, conducting virtual launches for the magazines and chapbooks, and participating in the 2020 online renditions of Expozine and Word On the Street
  • The poet Judy Barlow won first place in the Vallum  Award for Poetry 2020 for her poem “Walking Into August in East-end Toronto 2020” and Mary Trafford won second place for her poem “Border Crossings”
We will reward your generosity with a charitable tax receipt and a mention on our donor page (if desired). Your contribution makes it possible not only for Vallum to continue publishing but for poetry to continue to flourish far into the future.

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Vallum Donors

The individuals listed below gave generously to the Vallum Society for Arts and Letters Education. We are grateful for their support.
Anonymous (1)
Lewis Auerbach
Canada Council for the Arts
Community Foundation of Ottawa
Conseil des Arts du Montreal
Eric T. Webster Foundation
Foundation du Grand Montreal
Lloyd Carr-Harris Foundation
LoyaltyOne Youth Empowerment Program
United Way International
WCPD Foundation
The Excellence in Literacy Foundation
The Lloyd Carr-Harris Foundation
Tides Canada Foundation

Altaire Productions
Anonymous (1)
Jessica Bebenek
Ben Belford
Bill Bissett
Stephanie Bolster
George Elliott Clarke
Virginia Dixon
Peter Simon Eggersten
Roger Gange
Judith Jenkins
Leanne Children’s Foundation – In memory of: Leanne Nicole Palylyk (October 24, 1976 – June 25, 1988)
Daniel J. Langton
Blaine Marchand
Erin Moure
Heather Nisbet
Jacques Nolin
Richard Osler – In memory of: Patrick Lane
Paddy Scott
Heather Spears
Anonymous (1)
Jennifer Boire
Michael Carrino
George Chow
Dudley Cordell
Susannah R. Dalfen
Roger Gange
Selma Goldman
Myra and Roy Gordon
Maggie Helwig
Bunny Iskov
Dan Langton
Ruth Roach Pierson
James Edward Reid
Peter Richardson
Trevor Robertson
Gregory Santos
E. Russell Smith
Square Game Study Group
Nick Zisimatos
Donna Anderson
Anonymous – In memory of: Katalin & Johann Englert
Myra and Norm Barwin
Jordan Brown
Ronnie Brown
William Buchan
Lynne Burnett
Brian Campbell
Jabez W. Churchill
Thomas D. Drescher
Julie Eliopoulis
Meg Freer
Katerina Fretwell
Maureen Harris
Lawrie Hunter
Louisa Howerow
Susan Ioannu
Katherine Keeping
Graham Kerr
Patricia Knowles
Daniel J. Langton
Judy Little
Jeffrey Mackie
Kathleen L. Maguire
Marc Mullo – In memory of: Florence Mullo
Hirotaka F. Numata
Lesley Pasquin
Tanya R. Sandaluk
Jean-Mark Sens
Claire Sherwood
Margaret Slavin
Josh Stewart
Mary Tilberg
Richard Tobin
Lou Vani
Tom Wayman
Patience Wheatley

Janette Jorgensen