4:1 | The Desert

Featuring: Vallum Award for Poetry Winners! U.K. Poet Laureate Andrew Motion, Paul Auster and Seamus Heaney reviewed. Mesmerizing photos by Sandi Wheaton and more.



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Table of contents


In the formation of ice…

  • Eric Miller, Soul surpassing north
  • Jane Hirschfield, Jasper, Feldspar, Quartzite
  • Andrew Motion, The Choice


In the formation of sand…

  • Ruth Daigon, Mother of Alphabets
  • Patience Wheatley, Dougga
  • Sonja Dunn, Haiku: Tunisia
  • Iain Deans, In the Desert Outside Jeddah
  • Dan Wylie, Desert Aubade
  • Rupert M. Loydell, Close the Door on Glory
  • Jan Jorgensen, The Mojave: Valley of Fire
  • Lisa Gordon, Madame Bovary as Desert Island Imago
  • Landis Everson, Sentencing
  • Andrew Bailey, Serâb
  • Sharon Harris, Deserter
  • Iain Britton, At the site of the future I light a fire
  • Stephen Watson, On the Great River
  • Robert Ashberry, Music
  • John Mann, Sad 10, Happy 0, Mr. Mann
  • Dee Rimbaud, In a House of Fire \ A Rain of Roses
  • Joshua Auerbach, Phamtom \ Absolutio
  • Micheliny Verunschk, The Painful Presence of the Desert trans. Rosângela Vieira-King \ A presença dolorosa do deserto with Dorianne Laux
  • Richard Paul Schmonsees, The Human Ashtray
  • Jon Thompson, II (Desert Script)
  • Stacy Cartledge, III/iii
  • Carolyne Wright, Inventory of Your Desk
  • Helen Zisimatos, Mikhael
  • Rajlakshmi Devi, Love is Solitude trans. by Mithi Mukherjee and Caroline Wright \ Hope \ High Hopes trans. by Carolyne Wright with Swapna Mitra-Banerjee


  • Michael Trussler, First Place: Four Windows
  • John B. Lee, Second Place: That’s Enough
  • Shawn Fawson, Honourable Mention: Ferry


  • John Kinsella, Line Breaks and Back-Draft: Not a Defence of a Poem


  • Monika Lee, Collected Poems by Paul Auster \ drift by Kevin Connolly
  • Nita Pronovost, Thirty-Seven Small Songs & Thirteen Silences by Jan Zwicky \ Elegy by E.D. Blodgett
  • Maxianne Berger, The Infinity Sessions by T.R. Hummer
  • Helen Zisimatos, District and Circle by Seamus Heaney


  • Sandi Wheaton, 61 Chrysler \ Pony Express \ Saguaro Crossing \ Signs of Life \ Totem Pole and Yei Bi Chei \Pinto Mountain Road \ Road Runner’s Retreat
  • Laura Edna Lacey, Hindu Woman Outside her Village Home \ My Muslim friend Di and her son in their home, where I spent a day and two Nights

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