9:2 | The Invisible Cityscape

Exciting new work featuring Les Murray, James Deahl, Nathaniel G. Moore, John Barton and more extra-stellar ‘performances’ from across Canada and beyond! Including interview with poet Ariel Gordon, essay by Heather Spears, and art by Sion Fullana.



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Table of contents


  • Julie Eliopoulos, From The Underground
  • Anthony Labriola, Losers Weepers
  • Jennifer Zilm, #16 Hastings
  • Matthew R. Loney, The Workmen Clamor Below \ Billboard Seen as a Portal
  • Richard Scarsbrook, Look at That Body (Lumnious Veil) \ The Recipe (For What We Made)
  • Les Murray, Persistence of the Reformation \ The Typist
  • Blaise Moritz, The Port of London
  • Venetia Peterson, Embarrassed Night \ Night Driver
  • Simon Jackson, Lost in New York
  • James Sandham, Jogging by Cenotaphs
  • Rona Shaffran, Sliver \ Chaste
  • David B. Huebert, Cadaver on Bloor St.
  • Jennine Scarboro, Urban Vanitas
  • Allison LaSorda, Towers in the Park \ City of Refuge \ Our Rectangle of Green
  • Nathaniel G. Moore, Meatloaf is a Band of Death
  • James Deahl, Black Ants During the Recession \ Dofasco \ After the Shutdown, the Birds are Singing
  • John Barton, People Who Don’t Know They’re Dead How They Attach Themselves to Unsuspecting Bystanders and What to do About it
  • Catherine Brunet, Janine Beneath the Awning
  • Jesse Patrick, Ferguson Bounty
  • Michelle Glennie, Architect
  • Marc Jampole, In Recovery
  • Lea Harper, Bedlam
  • James B. Nicola, After-Shocks
  • Noel King, Weekend in the Country
  • Moez Surani, Notes Towards Nine Pietas
  • Günter Kunert, Berlin in August \ Genoa: Centro Storico (translated by Gerald Chapple)


  • Sharon Caseburg, Interview with Ariel Gordon


  • Heather Spears, Quicker and Deader by Richard Rathwell
  • Bill Neumire, A Lovely Gutting by Robin Durnford
  • Alisha Mascarenhas, Apologetic for Joy by Jessica Hiemstra-van der Horst
  • Lisa Sookraj, Local News by Glen Downie


  • Sion Fullana, Blue Bike (cover) \ Classy Rain Men \ A Hassidic Afternoon \ The Girl Behind the Glass \ Did You Hear the Rain Tap on the Glass? \ A Flying Mind \ Type, Tap, Like \ Pigeons Against Woman \ We are Nothing but the Hopeful Dream of a Child

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