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  • Virgil Suárez, Psalm of the Rufous Hummingbird Reflected in a Pool of Stagnant Water Where a Cement Statue of St. Francis Leans Toward the Light \ Psalm Between Proximity and Distance
  • Heather Spears, The Living Cell
  • Unity Durieux, My Feng Shui Consultant Hates Cowboy Art
  • George Elliott Clarke, Language \ The Assassination of Malcolm X
  • Richard Peabody, Two Minute Warning
  • Eamon Grennan, Mothmystery
  • Stephanie Bolster, “Everything now collectible”
  • Thérèse Lafontaine, A Study in Contrast \ Inflation Curves
  • A. F. Moritz ,The Storyteller
  • Donato Mancini, Three Concrete Poems
  • Medbh McGuckian, Wood-Cunning \ Carving Colour \ Starrinarosa \ The Publisher of Inwardness
  • John Kinsella, Insomniac Revelations of the Elusive Subject \ Peonies, 105 Brooklyn Street, Gambier
  • Karen Solie, Sleeping With Wittgenstein \ Nice \ Determinism
  • Joshua Auerbach, Love in the Time of Dioxin II
  • Michael S. Begnal, Drinking From the Stream of Dead \ S.F. Retrospect
  • Eleni Z. Auerbach, Cause of Forgetfulness


  • Peter Redgrove, Davy Jones’ Lioness \ The Ghost From Chessington
  • Rupert M. Loydell, His Own Words
  • Brian Louis Pearce, Post Mark Obscured


  • Philip Hobsbaum, Peter Redgrove: The Merest Introduction
  • John Kinsella, The Search for the New Idea, the Unique? Against Poetics?


  • Sandor Kanyadi, Mosolyok Mögött; from the Hungarian by Paul Sohar


  • Maxianne Berger, Selected Poems by Fanny Howe
  • Elisabeth Harvor, A Map to the Door of No Return by Dionne Brand
  • Kevin Higgins, One Building in the Earth—New and Selected Poems by
    Maggie Helwig \ A Beggar’s Loom by Matt Santateresa
  • Jeffrey Mackie, Secrets of Weather and Hope by Sue Sinclair \ Slow-Moving Target by Sue Wheeler
  • Harold Rhenisch, Girls and Handsome Dogs by Norm Sibum


  • Barbara Legowski, Four Circus Images


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