9:1 | Poets from Pakistan

26 Compelling Pakistani Poets — wit, charge, sentiment. Incisive essay on Pakistani poetry, plus reviews. Guest Editors: Blaine Marchand Ilona Yusuf.



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Table of contents

ADDENDUM: Harris Khalique’s “Black Pepper Poem” was not printed in its entirety. Please see the full version here. Vallum extends apologies to the author and readers.


  • Zulfikar Ghose, Silent Birds \ The Attack on Sialkot
  • Shadab Zeest Hashmi, Mosquée de Paris \ Anadolu
  • Louise Carson, Houri
  • Zarmina Rafi, How to Love a Photograph
  • Waqas Khwaja, Triptych
  • Mehvash Amin, Crow \ Ami
  • Jeeva Haroun, Coral Dance \ Master
  • Sehba Sarwar, Why Are You Looking at Me Like That? \ Doc 101: Intro to Life and How to Live It
  • Moniza Alvi, At the Time of Partition
  • Alamgir Hashmi, At Eighty-Six
  • Harris Khalique, Black Pepper Poem
  • Rayan Khan, Incubus
  • Moeen Faruqi, Neighbourhood \ The Still Life of Apples
  • Kyla Pasha, Poet Laureate
  • Bilal Tanweer, Breaths \ Lightness \ The Bird of Sound
  • Adrian Husain, Choir
  • Mina Farid Malik, on humidifiers, and the buying thereof
  • Shaista Justin, Winter’s Lion \ Not the End
  • Sahar Rizvi, Shahtoos \ ‘78 Datsun
  • Faraz Maqsood Hamidi, This 2 \ G.O.P.
  • Shirin Haroun, Page Bird
  • Sadaf Halai, Accidental \ On my Seventieth Birthday \ Summoning
  • Sascha Akhtar, Raga
  • Savera Hayat-Dade, Spaceships of Time
  • Taimoor Shahid, Mon Livre Préféré \ 3:02 am
  • Sascha Akhtar, The Sufi’s Sestina


  • 1st Place: Peter Richardson Telecommuting Spouses
  • 2nd Place: Jack Miller Veninum Lupinum


  • Ilona Yusuf, A Lively Progression: Mapping Pakistani Poetry


  • Lisa Sookraj, Just Like Her by Louise Dupré, Translated by Erin Mouré
  • James Edward Reid, Modern Poetry of Pakistan, Iftikhar Arif and Waqas Khwaja, eds.
  • Rob McClennan, Fluttertongue 5 by Steven Ross Smith
  • John Kerkhoven, Rebuild by Sachiko Murakami


  • Faiza Butt, Unless-4 (cover) \ All or Nothing \ Unless-2 \ Tales of Whopped Fantasies \ Get Out of my Dreams 2 \ Placebo for my Warrior \ I’ll be Safe in my Own Mind

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