Paul-Georges Leoux | LE THORKELL MÁNI


L’Univers dans sa patte de marbre
Tient déjà solidement mon cerveau
Il m’envahit, me parcourt
Me libère, me désarme
Me d lestant de tout mon superflu
De ce monstre agité
De cet acharnement de drames

Au profil de mes traits
Se découpe ma vie
Tout contre mon coeur
Un animal de lumière
Criblé d’absences
Transpercé d’ouragans
Est déjà mort
Bientôt s’éternisant
Éclatante supernova
Dans le brasillant tissu
De tout ce qui va

Récurée de toute néance
La clarté première de mon hiver
Vaincra l’exil primordial
Vaste véhémence
Pens e sauvage qui apaise
S’éleve en mon sang
Le silence sidéral



The Universe with its marble claw
Already firmly holds my brain
It invades me, runs me through
Frees me, disarms me
Sheds me of all my superfluity
This agitating monster
These ruthless dramas

In the profile of my features
My life is carved
All against my heart
An animal of light
Bombarded by absences
Pierced through by hurricanes
Will succumb
Is already dead
Soon to meet eternity
Will be born
Dazzling supernova
In the glimmering fabric
Of everything that leaves

Cleansed of all oblivion
The blinding light of my winter
Will overcome primeval exile

A vast vehemence
A soothing, savage intuition
Raises in my blood
The sidereal silence


Author’s Bio

PAUL-GEORGES LEROUX has published books of poetry and short stories. As a screenwriter, he wrote and co-wrote for both fiction and documentary film. He has travelled the world and lived in Iceland, France and Greece. His poetry has appeared in magazines such as Mouvances, DesRails, Les Cahiers Tristan Tzara, Vallum, Les Saisons littéraires. Among his works are: Runes, The Whales are waiting, Les Clefs du monde, Mon ami Diogène. He lives in Montreal.