Genevieve MacKay | ODYSSEUS

ODYSSEUS In the worst moments, when the sea rises up to engulf him or fires the arrows of the sun to scorch his eyes, the image he clings to is not the nymph, or the sorceress, or his wife or unknown child. It’s the thought of roots, strong and hale past death, stretching into the […]


DECOMMISSIONED PLANES It’s not easy to pull the track blinds, look for cedar waxwings or passenger jets through dad’s cheapo binoculars, check the furnace filters, pilot light, as engines rumble overhead. Decommissioned planes in long-term storage in the Mojave are obsolete yet invincible. Because of the dry climate, they don’t rust, parts are recycled or […]

Michael Quilty | CONCUSSION 0H08D

CONCUSSION 0H08D (or “Back Way To The Mental Hospital”)  Haphazardness with uncertain quirks. The last main corner juxtaposes a junkyard. Psychiatrists never follow a script, what you feel is tolerable. The obvious route has padding that stops mid-air. Every change conveys ability, impromptu symmetry. If you jump you’ll feel it later— your sunken body escaping […]

Sebastien Wen | PTERYGOTA

PTERYGOTA Two moths lie perched on a May leaf quivering downwind beats jacked legs torque, coursing electric They are the underdogs of meetings, the pheromones calling lost bottle, directionless longing for her. He looks at her with lidless kaleidoscopes. He does not speak English but he knows what love is. It is written on the […]

David Romanda | ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE

ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE But it’s gotta be Authentic And we both know We’ve never known Real love (Not even close) They sing about it And it’s gotta be Out there Somewhere (Please darling Leave before We get any deeper) Please tell me you believe   Author’s Bio DAVID ROMANDA was born in Kelowna, […]