William Grant | DIGITAL BATH


The city is a mechanical ocean. Its endless
murmuring hum of electricity, its circuitry of flood
and tide, is a digital bath disconnecting us from life’s
more visceral storms.

Lost at sea in boats of
stone, assailed by wind and waves of hostile
matrices lulling us to sleep with waves of black
and white noise.

The lightning in a storm, its raging eye, its clear
vision blinking through trees flexed over the abodes
of those who live defended against its wailing winds and
elemental wisdom, for now, sparing us.



*The expression “Digital Bath” is inspired by a Deftones song of the same name, from
the 2000 album White Pony.


Author’s Bio

William Grant holds a Master’s degree in Philosophy and is a Canadian military veteran. His home is on the Eastern Shore of Nova Scotia.