natalie hanna | TOKYO CINEMA



tonight i want to hear no sound
that is not your heart
or your sated sigh
as i hold you
in the
by strangers
and kiss the skin
that holds your sadness

why have we never
been so tender and so quiet?

even once-fine machines
will break their gears
murmur down into stillness

the soundless scene
in every film
builds tension

let’s dissolve into
silken inner elbows
unwrapped collarbones
and the texture of a cheek
as perceived by calm fingers


Author’s Bio

natalie hanna is a queer, feminist, lawyer of Middle Eastern-descent. She runs battleaxe press (poetry). Her work appears with above/ ground press, In/Words magazine, shreeking violet, phafours press, Hussy, poemeleon, Canthius, the League of Canadian Poets, etc. She received an Honourable Mention in Arc Poetry Magazine’s 2019 Diana Brebner Prize.