Vallum Workshops Spring 2024

Our talented facilitator, Heather Brunet, recently conducted a workshop titled “Poetic Maps” at St. Gabriel Elementary School (SEEDS classroom). Known for her dynamic approach and ability to connect with students, Heather introduced a powerful method to use metaphors, guiding sixth graders to explore and express their chosen places through poetic language. The workshop was a three-day journey into the heart of metaphor creation, culminating in an exciting poetry reading session.

Creative Brainstorming: Talk Show at Boys & Girls Club Dawson played a crucial role in helping a group of young girls plan their own talk show. Heather led discussions on asking good questions and facilitated exercises in writing and responding to meaningful inquiries. The inclusion of the game ‘We Aren’t Really Strangers’ was a hit, sparking lively interactions and deeper connections.

We are glad to have BGC Dawson and St. Gabriel Elementary School as our partners. As well we’re proud to have Heather as a part of our team, continually enriching the learning experiences of the students and participants she engages with.