Tara Dourian | SAN GREGORIO


San Gregorio has been there
before her
before those two wild dogs were.

An ancient temple
that I saw before
but had not seen until now,
now that I wanted to climb up its hill,

feet digging into
the glittering orange soil
a sand mattress
with olive tree springs

spring almonds
stone-cracked, savoured
before the fall could dissolve them—

before her.
before her and I
woke up
to eat plums.


Author’s Bio

Montreal-born, TARA DOURIAN speaks four languages: English, French, Arabic, and Spanish. Cultural immersion and displacement are most inspiring to her, fuelling her creative expression in poetry, cooking, and communication. She started writing poetry roughly two years ago, following a sparked love for the works of Neruda and Lorca while living abroad. Poetry has since become a form of expression integral to her perception of experience, her recollection of places, moments, and people.