Maureen Korp | OAHU


seeing something there
a glint, quick light rippling
in the tide
half a heartbeat closer
dark, silvered triggerfish
back and forth . . .
back and forth

ships and planes and submarines
reconnaissance, surveillanceā€”coastal
helicopters, back and forth, back and
forth . . .
in the tide, the triggerfish

in the boxes up the hill
all the numbers
all the bones, all that they could find
thrown upon the beaches
by the tides
back and forth, back and . . .
forth . . . nothing ever ends


Author’s Bio

MAUREEN KORP is a military brat, the daughter of an American soldier. She grew up in faraway places including Okinawa, Hokkaido, Oklahoma, Texas, and Germany. Home base today is Ottawa. She is a university lecturer and researcher. Her field is visionary earth-centered art. She travels with a Canadian passport, happily.