Sean Rea Sokolov | READING “IT”



Dumb and obvious but for that
—floating off to the side, maybe
at the tight centre
of a ball of yarn

the it whatever it was was only to be
understood in the reaching out to touch
—at which point it would scatter,
which is to say retreat, and we’d be left
wondering if we could start the whole thing over
again, next morning maybe
—to find ourselves rewarded for the patience with the rain
sounding like the idea of rain
in a year which sounds beautiful like 1964, 1712, 2003,
—as if what we thought we nearly had had had
staggered in in the night,
and we’d see it on the waking

*on John Ashbery’s use of the word “it”


Author’s Bio

Sean Rea Sokolov writes poetry and prose. His work has appeared in The Trinity Review and The Veg Literary Magazine.