8:1 | Futures

Featuring new work from Franz Wright, John Grey, Gary Barwin; Chinese poetry by Yang Zi. Dream image photgraphy by Maleonn. Found/Overheard poems special section; and 2010 Vallum Award for Poetry winners!



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Table of contents


  • John Grey, How the News Gets to Me
  • Travis Mossotti, Place of Rest
  • Dane Swan, The Irrelevant Age
  • Nicholas Leaskou, Under Breath \ Wood Light
  • Piotr Gwiazda, Removable Tattoos
  • Anthony Labriola, Basket of Stars
  • Tom Waymen, Time Report
  • Ben Griffin, Airplane Boneyard
  • Lorraine Schein, Question for the Oracle
  • Franz Wright, T.S.E \ You Can’t Miss It
  • Guy Ewing, The Word “Future”
  • Anonymous, To Show Me More (translated from the Spanish by Dan MacIsaac)
  • Anonymous, from Stanza of an Alcala Nun (translated from the Spanish by Dan MacIsaac)
  • Yang Zi, Forgiveness \ The Last Farmer \ Take It Easy Sleep (translated from the Chinese by Ye Chun, Melissa Tuckey and Fiona Sze-Lorrain)
  • Danil J. Langton, Another Birthday
  • Esvie Coemish, Love Letter 19
  • Judy Little, Consider Tomorrow (MT 6)
  • Chris Hutchinson, Cross Purposes
  • Ian A. Fleming, Labour Productivity


  • Priscilla Atkins, Teacher Education 101: Lesson
  • Guy Ewing, April
  • William Dexter Wade, Canto Surreal
  • Lindsay Ahl, Various Forms of Light in Hindi
  • Guy Simser, Untitled \ Falling Fruit
  • Roxanna Bennett, Symptoms of the Disorder
  • Louis Philips, Found Poem #9875
  • Kim Goldberg, Who Rents Your Head
  • Scott Bryson, Class Confusion
  • Gary Barwin, Three Spam Emails Sonnet


  • First Place: Pamela Porter, My Father’s Grief
  • Second Place: John Reibetanz, Displacement
  • Honourable Mention: Susan Steudel, Theory and Practice


  • John Kerkhoven, Regreen: New Canadian Ecological Poetry, Madhur Anand and Adam Dickinson, eds.
  • James Edward Reid, Sweet by Dani Couture
  • Bill Neumire, The Little Seamstress by Susan Musgrave


  • Maleonn, Little Flagman, No. 5(cover- front and back) \ Nostalgia, No. 3 \ Nostalgia, No. 8 \ Book of Taboo, No. 2 \ Nostalgia, No. 6 \ Book of Taboo, No. 8 \ Little Flagman, No. 3 \ Book of Taboo, No. 4

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