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George Elliott Clarke, Lorna Crozier, Jan Zwicky, Stephen Dunn, A. F. Moritz and more. Dereck Walcott reviewed.



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Table of contents


  • George Elliott Clarke, Eva La Venere Selvaggia \ Quemada! \ Autostrada Per Los Angeles \ Un Bacio Asfissiante \ Alla Serentià \ Qualcosa \ Piu’Grande Di Noi
  • John Barton, Whale Watching From Mt. Norman
  • Steve Light, Vladimir Mayakovsky
  • Stephen Dunn, Details \ Waiting for the Bus
  • A.F. Moritz, Progress of an Invention \ No Root
  • Jan Zwicky, Practising Bach
  • Bert Almon, Astral Journey
  • James Grinwis, Signs of Order in the Universe 3
  • Fred Johnston, Art Work
  • Drew W. McKevitt, Gateway Diner
  • CJ Pellerin, From Future Address
  • Ronnie R. brown, Rough Edges \ Puss in Boots Part I (Puss)
  • Ken Victor, Notes on the Technologies of Depression
  • Ryan G. Van Cleave, The Mortician’s Son. A Week Into His New Job
  • Heater Cardin, Journey
  • Elana Wolff, Waterwheel
  • Lorna Crozier, Mercy \ Lichen \ Balance
  • Tom Wayman, The Man Who Could Smell Time
  • Michael Mirolla, Pablo Picasso Visits James Joyce and they Discuss Youth
  • Michael Carrino, Summer Rain
  • Jeffrey Herrick, Glorioles
  • Shane Neilson, Abscond
  • Ryan Quinn Flanagan, Sharing Canvas with the Impressionists
  • Brian Campbell, Airports
  • Anita Pinatti, Breakfast with Picasso
  • Nikolijne Troubetzkoy, I Wish You Were a Fisherman


  • Ariela Freedman, Selected Poems by Dereck Walcott \ Everywhere Being is Dancing by Robert Bringhurst
  • Jesse Patrick Ferguson, Now You Revive by A.F. Moritz
  • Fred Johnston, Man and Beast by Eric Cole
  • Bryan Sentes, Falsework by Gary Geddes


  • Nicolas Baier, Capillaires \ Vases Communicants \ Lévitation
  • Peter Auerbach, Arch
  • Jhave Johnston, Berger Quotation in a Natrual History of the Senses \ Percusor Rill \ Discarded Chalice \ Hungry Dexterity

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