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  • Les Murray, Japanese Sword Blades in the British Museum
  • Kumagai Yuriya, From the Tower of Paradox \ The Internal River of Time
  • Torii Shozo, Paradisease \ Vision Day; from the Japanese by Taylor Mignon and Yarita Misako
  • Takahashi Junko, The Mud Boat; from the Japanese by Malinda Markham
  • Aoyama Miyuki, Darkness; from the Japanese by Malinda Markham
  • Suzuki Masa, Recipe for the Blues
  • Kijima Hajime, Unruly Horse; from the Japanese by Kijima Hajime and Koriyama Naoshi
  • Terayama Shūji, Real Tears; from the Japanese by Marc Sebastian-Jones
  • C.K. Baba, Bufo
  • Yaguchi Yorifumi, A Hand
  • Wallace Gagne, Akihabara
  • Domenico Capilongo, Daruma \ Narrow Road \ Kinkakuji, The Temple of the Golden Pavilion
  • Taguchi Tetsuya, Three Untitled Poems
  • Erin Noteboom, Untitled Poem \ Spring
  • Florence Treadwell, Écriture
  • Kjeld Haraldsen, Death Haiku #7 (Mourning Z.) \ Death Haiku #10 (K.)
  • Taneda Santoka, Haiku Poems; from the Japanese by Scott Watson
  • Heather Spears, On the Bus Through Tsawassen
  • Catherine Paquette, I Compose Myself
  • Alistair Paterson, Rousseau’s Isle
  • Fanny Howe, The Last Day \ We Flew
  • John Barton, Pathetic Fallacy
  • Ross Leckie, The Elm Dismantled
  • Robert Nazarene, Couch Potato
  • Iain Higgins, Collarbone \ Collarbone Again
  • John Mann, Return the Chit by August 9, 2002, If You Wish to Participate, Mr. Mann
  • Todd Swift, My Universities
  • George Elliott Clarke, Au Tombeau de Pound (II) \ William Jefferson Clinton III
  • Franz Wright, Living Twice \ I Am Listening \ Why is the Winter Light \ Five Octobers (On our Anniversary)
  • John Kinsella, XXII \ XXIII \ XXIV


  • Liliana Ursu, Winter Scene with my Parents’ House \ Scene from Apold de Jos \ In the Mirror; from the Romanian by Liliana Ursu, Adam J. Sorkin, and Tess Gallagher


  • Vijay Seshadri, Interviewed by Jeet Thayil


  • Okano Haruko, Excerpts from Waiter’s Bill Pad, High(Bridi)Tea
  • Courtney Merriam, Wakayama-shi and Wakayama-Jo, Wakayama-Ken \ Itsukushima-Jinja, Miyajima, Hiroshima-Ken
  • Judith Miller, Calligraphy


  • Eleni Zisimatos Auerbach, Little Theatres by Erín Moure
  • Tim McIntyre, A New Theory For American Poetry: Democracy, the Environment and the Future of Imagination by Angus Fletcher
  • Sonja Skarstedt, The Stunted Strong by Fred Cogswell and The Gift of the Hawk by Randy Lundy
  • Kimberly Burwick, Café Alibi and Rue du Regard by Todd Swift
  • Katia Grubisic, Viral Suite by Mari-Lou Rowley
  • Catherine Paquette, Small Arguments by Souvankham Thammavongsa

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