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  • Harris Gardner, I-F
  • David Harsent, From Legion
  • Giles Goodland, The Clouds \ A Passenger
  • Anne Simpson, Circe and Odysseus
  • Kevin Higgins, A Balancing Act
  • Stephen Dunn, Cruelties \ Something Loveless Out There
  • Evan Jones, Lament for the Makers of Children’s Books
  • Mark Laliberte, Three Concrete Poems
  • Susan Ioannou, Stressed
  • Cid Corman, Three Poems
  • Rocco de Giacomo, Face
  • Jan Conn, Blue Without Yellow
  • Sophie Cabot Black, Afterworld
  • Trevor Robertson, Birdcall Unfolding in the Dream Beside Her
  • Ronnie R. Brown, Little Red Riding Hood (Part V)
  • Carolyn Marie Souaid, The Apostle \ At the Poetry Reading, My Mind Wandering Into a Sonnet
  • Andrew Shelley, Suicide Hotel
  • Vincent Tinguely, “Recognize That I Don’t Know”
  • Michael Allen Potter, Autumn
  • Gordon Massman, 1302
  • Carrie McGath, Nights Marred Like Crickets in Metal Fan Blades
  • Neil Cain, Fall Where They May
  • Terry Ann Carter, Shadows
  • Stephanie Bolster, Diorama (Rattlesnake) … \ Ironwork
  • John M. Bennett, Untitled
  • bill bissett, deth interrupts th dansing \ time is a basin sum
  • Daniel Scott Tysdal, Five Postcards
  • Terrance Cox, Greenery
  • Allan Briesmaster, Digitized Prostheses
  • B. Z. Niditch, Metamorphoses
  • John B. Lee, Alone


  • Charles Baudelaire, A une Mendiante Rousse; from the French by Charles Bernstein
  • Günter Kunert, Film – Verkehrt Eingespannt \ Im Zoo; from the German by Gerald Chapple


  • Living in Proximity: Paul Muldoon, Interviewed by Joshua Auerbach


  • Harold Rhenisch, Anti-Lyric: Translating the Ghost of Paul Celan


  • Evan Jones, Musings: An Anthology of Greek-Canadian Literature edited by Tess Fragoulis
  • Kevin Higgins, Night Street Repairs by A. F. Moritz
  • Sonja A. Skarstedt, A Yelp in the Ideal by Celestine Frost; Parlance by Suzanne Zelazo


  • Sarah Lee Jacobs, Image
  • Danielle Borisoff, Transfiguration \ Instinct

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