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Sonnets On a Night Without Love
Vallum Chapbook Series No. 20
Yusuf Saadi

Sonnets On a Night Without Love, by Yusuf Saadi, is a meditative collection of poems on love, loss and longing. Divided in two sections, the emotional cadence of the poems move to an interior space where the poet questions meaning and personal connection in an otherwise emotionless world. “On autumn nights the city judges me,” he writes. “…A minute is tortured./Lifetimes breed under each fingernail and wait to explode.”  But the strength of this chapbook is its tenderness and focus on meaningful union with the other.

“…I wish I could touch you–
not like two electrons repulsing nor within
the semiotics of language but hold you
how I hold a hand when I’m afraid–
and close my eyes when you’re naked.”


Author’s Bio

Yusuf Saadi’s writing has appeared in magazines including The Malahat Review, Grain, Prairie Fire, PRISM, and Vallum. He also won The Malahat Review’s 2016 Far Horizons Poetry Award. He recently completed his MA at the University of Victoria.

“…rich in rhythm and sensual language and ideas.” – Word Music Blog

“The intimate mood…demands a hushed and reverent reading — like the text is being whispered in confidence.” – Broken Pencil

Sonnets on a Night Without Love is the best kind of chapbook: to the reader who lacks ambition or fears commitment, it offers poetry in an unintimidating and digestible quantity, one that somehow feels at once lighter and more concentrated than a conventionally sized volume.” – The Montreal Review of Books



Table of contents

i. sonnets

Love Sonnet for Light
flowers on europa
Sonnet by a Forgotten Twix Wrapper
Love Poem for Nusaybah’s Hijab

ii. night without love

Pathetic Fallacy in November
Rilke’s Hands

24 pages total

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