11 | Franz Wright | Recurring Awakening

Recurring Awakening
Vallum Chapbook Series No. 11
Franz Wright

Recurring Awakening tilts precariously on the threshold of dream and waking reality, resting neither in physical, sensory experience nor bodiless spatial exploration. In this collection of poems and prose, Franz Wright traverses time and space, visiting the stars, childhood and the unexplored microcosm of the buds of a familiar peach tree. From a place of solitude, he urgently asks large and largely unanswerable questions directed at nobody, everybody and you. He comes to meet his own mortality and mutely inquires the validity of his existence altogether. As he draws back to observe present reality and painful memories, Wright’s words taste bitter and cold. Then, soon enough, he takes to the curious exploration of both the minutely detailed and infinitely expansive. Pages turn over like someone inspecting his own hands, asking, “I am still here. Aren’t I?”

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Table of contents

Four in the Morning
Going Home
You Don’t Have to Go on but You Can’t Stay Here
Rose Opening
The Choice
Four Semi-Dreamt Poems
Maybe Tomorrow
Roadside Grave: Winter, Mass
Peach Tree
Rain in Waltham
Elderly Couple: Mt. Feake Cemetery
Screamed Lullaby
Recurring Awakening
The Writing
Crumpled up Note Blowing Away

32 pages total

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