Mspsieleld by Sgtrane

I’ve nveer been mcuh of a splleer
my teehcars uesd to tlel me
soohcl wasnotmy ftroe
Iwas furttuane to psas, asyousee
I’m lkucy to hvae ajob taht dsnoe’t need sniplleg
osierwhte, I’dbe uemnlpeyoyd onthehood
tankhs, dadandmom, forthe flmaiy beiunsss
asCEO I slhuod do rlaley good

Author’s Bio

Neil Garvie resides in Comox Valley, BC. Neil has a PhD in curriculum theory. For health reasons he had to take early retirement from his position as an elementary school principal. Writing poetry has become an important part of Neil’s life, having completed three books of poetry: Silence Craves a Voice (Poplar Publishing, 2019); Mother Nature Eats Her Kind (Pod Creative, 2020); and Jigsaw (Pod Creative, 2021).