The history of the unknown

What recoiled in the white moth,
the glacial eyes, the history of the unknown.

Glass slippers for the moon I said,
and meant I flew into that flame, immolating the self.

Obituaries for saints, and cockles and bee padding pistils,
the golden blossom of the marrow.

Loving hounding sounds, that crease the air,
with the sense of disbelief, as words, only words.

And a gentle breeze that fills the whole of light,
with a grace that appears in the darkening.

Gathers to enjoin a moment in sound,
in the silence between silences, to hear itself listening.


Author’s Bio

​​Jeff Bien is an internationally acclaimed poet, musician, and widely regarded teacher of consciousness and meditation, whose work has been published, translated, and performed in more than sixty countries. He was recently shortlisted for the Montreal International Poetry Award, and two new collections are forthcoming, as well as a lifetime’s work on consciousness.