Matt Carland | ALLOCHTHON


it’s the assurance of solidity without stasis;
it’s the promise of plasticity without vulnerability

it’s the buried memory of the Flood;
it’s the eternal emergency of the present

it’s a half-remembered face, anonymous yet universal;
it’s a soundless signal that broadcasts pure intent

it’s a genetic memory, vivid and unrelenting;
it’s a sheltering current, the wake of a more vigorous ancestor

it’s an uncatalogued species of urgency;
it’s the only unrushed anticipation

it’s the whetstone organ of nostalgia;
it’s an inside without outside

it’s the vertigo you always return to;
it’s a state that’s always entered, and never left

it’s a thousand creeping tendrils, filamental;
it’s roots as they exist in the imagination of branches

it’s an invisible horizon;
it’s the synesthesia beneath all sensation

it’s an unexplorable parameter;
it’s Real, even when not Actual

it’s a room drowned in the colors of perpetual sunset;
it’s the comfort of a constricted world

it’s a private permanence;
it’s the longest tradition you know

it’s a life conceived as a long assimilation;
it’s a life conceived as the blooming of deeds

it’s being drunk as only the holy can be drunk;
it’s being holy as only the drunk can be holy

it’s a sleepless surveillance;
it’s what waves on, colorless and immortal

it’s the asymptote to which all revelations converge;
it’s the temptation of every unfinished pilgrimage

it’s a lust that obeys nothing, and rebukes everything;
it’s the youngest appetite you can return to


Author’s Bio

Matt Carland is currently finishing his PhD in neuropsychology at the University of Montreal, where he performs clinical research on personality and addiction.