Jessica Bebenek | SELFIE



Today is a day. I did things. I guess. At any point, I could’ve
written a poem or drank a blended beverage. Today is a day
I can’t stop eating peanut butter from the jar. Performance
presented itself to my body and my body listlessly declined.
My body performed a listless decline. If this is my cameo,
you must search to find me in the background. My body in
profile. My body on the wall. My body reflected. Today is a
day as any other day. Cramped into a standing mirror. On a
bed, enticed. If my body is adorned, it’s only in pilled
knitwear. It is wearing tight panties. It is a ghost like any
other day. If my body approached you in the street, it would
be smoking an unlit cigarette. Returning to where it is
coming from. Today is a day which declined its dayhood.
Which put my body in its place. Today is a day as any other
day, as the day you die is a day as any other day. At least
that gave my body something to laugh about.

Author’s Bio

Jessica Bebenek is a writer and interdisciplinary artist whose recent books include the poetry chapbooks, Fourth Walk and k2tog, anart book of knitting patterns for poems. She works as a teacher and risograph bookmaker, and is at work on a lyric poetry collection, No One Knows Us There.