Domenico Capilongo | FETOSCOPE


fetoscope noun
fe·to·scope | \ ˈfē-tə-ˌskōp\

definition of fetoscope
1 : an endoscope for visual examination of the pregnant uterus
2 : a stethoscope for listening to the fetal heartbeat

my mother works as a receptionist, my father, his grasp of english still slippery, works in a factory down the street. the shipping truck driver is drunk and my dad volunteers. the driver threatens to kill him for getting him fired. my dad gets behind the wheel, manages to learn on the fly how to shift through the gears, through the city, through language. gets back to the factory, sees two huge bikers in the parking lot. finishes his shift, calmly gets into his car, picks up my mother, and makes his way home. bikers following closely, revving their engines at every stoplight. my dad doesn’t say a word while his young wife talks about how much their lives will change soon. they arrive home. the bikers park in front of the house. my father gets his shotgun, stands on the porch like some spaghetti western cowboy. my mother is starting dinner, humming along to the kitchen radio. the bikers nod slowly and leave. She reaches down to rub her swollen belly.

Author’s Bio

​​Domenico Capilongo is a Toronto high-school creative writing teacher and Karate instructor. His books of poetry and short fiction were shortlisted for several awards. His work has appeared in several national and international literary journals. He has recently finished a manuscript about words that were born in the 1970s and during the pandemic has been posting weekly haiku for hope on all his social media. Find out more about him at: