Gerland Arthur Moore | WARRANT OFFICER HAWKO


—for Jason MacPhail

cigar stub of a face, slaps blueberry pie
into an outstretched tin canteen cup like an insult.
Acting as if I was a freckle-wristed Dickensian character
holding out a bowl for more.

Slams in sludge-brown army stew,
tills the muck with ladle;
churns it until the mess-kit metamorphoses
to the muds of Passchendaele.
“You like that? It’s not for enjoyin’ Moore,
It’s fuel for killin’.”


Author’s Bio

GERALD ARTHUR (ART) MOORE is a high school teacher in Moncton, NB. His poems have appeared in The Dalhousie Review, The Antigonish Review, and in the publications of several small presses. Art is also a published playwright with Heartland Plays Inc. His plays have run in Halifax, Toronto, Moncton, and Luxembourg.