Emily Chou | SWEETLY


am i wrong to miss it sometimes wrong to miss the midnight ovens glowing hot with bread narrow cobblestone would tight towers cut from other towers wandering through pastel hills just past seven being taken out and ordered for crying on the bed every other week can’t say i’ve ever been a head turner am i a hypocrite for liking it a little can’t say i ever called come often can’t say i ever called it home or tried can’t say i miss it flinching at the doorbell mouth gaping like a fish at a market stall one of those good foreigners who comes but doesn’t stay somehow i do miss it miss missing late trains eating pastries by the river miss being so lonely miss not understanding all those sneers and whispers sliding up my thigh

Author’s Bio

Emily Chou (she/her) is a poet and cartoonist who grew up in unceded Musqueam, Squamish, and Tsleil-Waututh territory and has lived in the UK, Japan, and Italy. Currently the poetry editor at PRISM international, her work has appeared in Room, In/Words, Chinatown Today, SAD, as well as various other collections and anthologies.