From the series LES AFFLUENTS | Louis Perreault

Artist’s Bio Louis Perreault (b. 1979) lives and works in Montreal. He deploys his practice within his own personal photographic projects and in the publishing initiatives to which he collaborates. Founder and co-director of Les Éditions du Renard, he also teaches photography at Cégep André-Laurendeau. His work explores the notion of place by trying to […]

Greg Santos | THE RUINS

  THE RUINS The town Had changed The barns and sheds Were gone Replaced with New wilted-looking Monuments To the old days. They kept driving On and on and on Until the sun Had reduced Their homes To dust     Author’s Bio Greg Santos is a poet, editor, and educator. He is the author […]


FOUR ON THE FLOOR You tell me you like house music— how the synthesized thumps traverse your veins, hippocampus, so you are twenty again, the exotic American, dancing with strangers and pint glasses at Le Beat Route. Then there is the music of house— the fridge’s decade-old respirations; unsettled, foundation cracks; the a/c’s throbbings, constant, […]

Kate Braid | HOW I’LL KNOW

  HOW I’LL KNOW In winter I’ll know by the harsh call of raven and in spring, by blossom. In summer, a warm wind will wash like a bath sweetening and in autumn the squelch of wet garden as it rests. Always, this knowing, body-deep of a particular earth beneath my feet solid silence of […]

Allan Briesmaster | SPACE ISSUES

SPACE ISSUES (best case) Each of the two of us, bounded in our immediate spheres, will touch along their edges and then the struck keys of our words propel semblances of a meaning through membranous curves. One side, inside, echoes back (heard or not); the other vibrates the other’s tympanum, on, into anything permeable behind. […]


HYDROGEN AND HELIUM from the window of a taxicab gazing heavenwards i wonder at spectral hydrogen clouds collapsing and condensing exploding into violent starlight and i ask as i look at the darkest night when was it ever a human right to burst forth foolishly seizing the night, with pathetic displays of these passing street […]


— Video Credit: Bushra Saleem   UNHAPPINESS I am Mama’s eyes grey-black, glassy, distant eyes that belong somewhere else in someone else’s face walking places I can never learn the names of, places I will never visit, freedoms that could have been mine in another lifetime She is scattered; always anywhere but here Her life […]