Devon Gallant | CUT YOUR LOSSES


At some point,
you have to cut your losses
and accept defeat.

Looking back on it,
it’s the ones who jumped ship early
that were the smart ones.
Who put down their pencil crayons
and picked up a calculator.
We need them too, I guess.
Probably, more so.
Certainly, their money-filled lives
attest to that.

It’s like you’re on a train
and every stop
people keep getting off.
But, not you.
Is that because you haven’t reached your destination yet?
Or, because you have nowhere to go?

The thought engulfs you like a dark tunnel,
reverberating in your brain
as you barrel towards the end of the line.


Author’s Bio

Devon Gallant is the author of four poetry collections, including S(tars) & M(agnets,) which bill bissett called “a mirakul uv a book.” His work has been previously published in Carousel, Misunderstandings, Bitterzoet, and elsewhere. He is the publisher of Cactus Press, and the host of Accent.