Claudia Coutu Radmore | ONE SAUCY LITTLE CLUE



we’ve seen a thought but it was so
quick we only got a glimpse not
immediately realizing what we’d
seen flash of red heels little tilted
black hat a veil over the eyes satin
stillettos that seemed to have
rockets attached as the thought
escaped nimbly as if its route were
planned taking corners fast on one
heel so to speak and was last seen
diminishing in the distance just one
teasing look back then it was gone
the way upon waking a morning
dream flits encouragingly for a
moment then disappears yet we do
have some evidence a broken
synapse a dropped tissue its one
critical mistake a clear set of lip
prints blotted in magenta leaving us
with another run at witnessing
thought perhaps the very same one
again but to do so would require a
task equal in enormity to that which
the scientists are working on in
Switzerland at CERN and though the
DNA analysis we’ll get this
afternoon should give us helpful
clues so we can begin our hunt once
more the memory of that one
glimpse that was too quick for
description or for placing into a
lineup the elusive image of that
little veil flying leaves us with great
yearning to see that thought again
in all its mocking seven dimensions


“We’ve seen a Thought”; New Scientist Magazine, September 28, 2021

Author’s Bio

Claudia Coutu Radmore’s a moment or two / without remembering and Your Hands Discover Me / Tes mains me découvrent, were followed by Accidentals, which won Canada’s bpNichol Chapbook Award in 2011. fish spine picked clean, a tanka collection, was published by Éditions des petits nuages in March 2018.