2022 Poetry Award | SHORTLIST

We are thrilled to announce our short list for the 2022 Vallum Poetry Award. It was a pleasure to read everyone’s work and we are awash in gratitude and admiration for these poets gracing us with their work. Congratulations to the shortlisted poets!







Abdulkareem Abdulkareem – “Self-portrait Of The Broken Boy as Shards of Glass” (Ilorin, Nigeria)

Benjamin Bush Anderson – “MUTTERLING xiv (wind ground)” (Montreal QC)

Ágnes Cserháti – “Pilgrim” (Aurora ON)

Jasmine Gui – “resurgent artefacts” (Toronto ON)

Emilie Lafleur – “Distance” (Montreal QC)

Mahta Riazi – “Sand” (Montreal QC)

Sneha Subramanian Kanta – “Exegesis” (Mississauga ON)

Gage Wheatley – “Les aveugles” (Montreal QC)