2022 Poetry Award | And the winner is…

We are pleased to announce our winner and finalist for the 2022 Vallum Poetry Award! Please congratulate our Finalist Emilie Lafleur for her poem “Distance” and our Winner Jasmine Gui for her poem “resurgent artefacts.” Both of these poems will appear in Vallum, issue 20:1 “Dreams vs. Nightmares” (Spring 2023).



Emilie Lafleur is a writer living in Montreal. Her work has been featured in Peach Magazine, The Void, and Metatron Ömëgä, among others, and is forthcoming from Collusion Press. She is currently working on a project about apocalypses





Distance | an excerpt

I have done something terrible something like no god
Something like the spray of the drawings          then we begin to know something
Then we really begin to know something






Jasmine Gui is a Singaporean-born interdisciplinary artist, and arts programmer based in Tkaronto. She runs Teh Studio and San Micropress, working in writing, spatial installation and bookmaking. She is the author of two chapbooks and collaborates on experimental paper arts as one-half of the creative duo, jabs. She is currently a second-year PhD student at York University.





resurgent artefacts | an excerpt

this morning, a hole appears in your stomach. you rinse dishes that roll inward. sprinkle flowers which disappear. your heartbeat ragged like stems rotting in still water. it is no small devastation. sprung without antecedent or count in. just a slow sink.

a mossy bog.