William Grant | OTHER SIDE


There they are, edging the aquarium.
An accompaniment of blue creatures
and orange
captures their concentration.

Glass walls seize and refract protruding light
while bodies vanish and emerge
amidst ascending pockets of life.

A smallish one, old with age and boredom,
cultivates their gaze,
luring their attention to where

other beings, capsules of time,
have been inclined to die ever since—
a world where behind each and all
is a darker existence.

The same thought of the captivated
is the very thought of mine,
while I stand among the watchers
watching lapsing eyes.


Author’s Bio

William Grant holds a master’s degree in philosophy and is a Canadian military veteran. Most of his writing is unseen, though another of his poems appeared in the 17:1 issue of Vallum.