PLUVIOPHILE by Yusuf Saadi | Review by Bill Neumire

Pluviophile Yusuf Saadi Nightwood Editions, 2020 Deifying rain and language, Yusuf Saadi’s debut poetry collection, Pluviophile (lover of rain), flows with a playful dedication to the music of words. In an interview with Ariel Gordon, Saadi said, “I don’t have a theory of language or understand it at all, really, but I do often find […]


IS THE AFTERLIFE LONELY TOO? Outside of Kantian space and time, do you miss dancing in dusty basements where sex was once phenomenal? How sunlight threads in morning frost, breath pluming in knots between you and the snow-marbled fields? When depression knocks, do the dead hide inside poems, in the corridors between stanzas, curling fetal […]

Yusuf Saadi | MILE END

MILE END From Mount Royal the dead watch over the city: perched on tombstones they hum vespers and chew …………………………………………on autumn leaves. Down St-Denis the rush hour cortège caravans past café patios where October beer foams from pitchers; on St-Laurent sprawls of vintage shops proffer fox fur, faded denim jackets, military boots sans eyelets. The […]