THE ELEVENTH HOUR by Carolyn Marie Souaid | Review by Steve Luxton

The Eleventh Hour Carolyn Marie Souaid Ekstasis Editions, 2021 Both the title of Carolyn Marie Souaid’s latest collection of poetry and the book’s cover graphic—the former warning that time has all but run out, the latter depicting a burnt orange moon overhanging shadowy, monolithic industrial buildings—threaten the reader with a premonitory, possibly dispiriting literary experience. […]

Carolyn Marie Souaid | SPEAKING OF DEATH

  SPEAKING OF DEATH If I had my druthers I’d pick December under a sheepskin throw. In full view, attending to me, a constellation of earthly possessions: eyeglasses, ginger tea, The Complete Poems of Emily Dickinson. Logs flaming in the stone hearth. Hung from a nail, a winter scene framed in mahogany— horses trotting through […]