George Elliott Clarke | ENOCH 1: 1-19

ENOCH 1: 1-19 The end is Horror: Mountains melt in slides of lava and mud; The globe flares sheer fire. So much blood will flood the Earth, it’ll tilt back, wobbling on its axis. Monarchs, millionaires, military monsters, traders, traitors, will be penned in a valley brimmed— rimmed—with flame. They’ll be banded with iron fetters […]

Kate Marshall Flaherty | WICCAN CRAFT IN THE WOODS

Wiccan Craft in the Woods Taylor Creek Park Wooden staff in hand, purple cord and tunic, the caller summons us, “Oyay, Oyay!” Norse metal rounds his neck, his voice commanding and gentle. We follow, tread soft on grass, form a circle while a priest cuts the space with a sword. A witty one sweeps away […]