Susan Ioannou | FORBIDDEN


Invisible, the mesh
where each is held
within our tiny square of breath
and wire-sliced
if flesh would press
too far, too hard

forgetting, in that moment
deep within another’s eyes
when darkness opens
into a bright pool of air,
and radiant, both surface
trembling—do we dare?

but reeling back
stare at the glinting barbs
isolating each, and cringe
behind the stinging
lines too sharp to cross

till silence
whites out even dreaming
ever two embrace.


Author’s Bio

A Toronto poet, Susan Ioannou also writes literary essays and fiction. Her most recent poetry collections include Coming Home: An Old Love Story (Leaf Press), Looking Through Stone: Poems about the Earth (Your Scrivener Press), and Looking for Light (Hidden Brook Press). Her website tells more.