Scott Cecchin | from HOUSE

from House

The house flowers
in light. Be-
low that,
dirt. Deeper,

a glacier. And deepest:

Inside you, a moon. And
in the moon, somewhere, is

you. The sun gets inside every-
thing; and when the sun’s out
we are too.


The house, pressed
into the deep,

 like a seed,
sinks. Look up:

air, so
many ships sinking up

there. Above that,
ice – and higher:
…………The earth

is shaped by fire and water, while
water enters earth and air. The air,

sometimes, holds fire and water,
and fire gives earth to the air.

Author’s Bio

Scott Cecchin (pronounced “ch-keen”) is a poet living on Traditional Michi Saagiig Nishnaabeg Territory, in Nogojiwanong / Peterborough, ON. Currently, he teaches Communications and studies Ecological Restoration. His first chapbook, Dusk at Table (2020), was published by O. Underworld! Press in Havelock, ON.




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