6:2 | Play and the Absurd

New work from F. D. Reeve, A. F. Moritz, Ruth Roach Pierson, X. J. Kennedy and Lorna Crozier. Budding Bards: The Vallum Children’s Poetry Contest Winners. Ariela Freedman and literary Jerusalem, interview with Ruth Fazal and more.



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Table of contents


  • Cornelia Hoogland, Photo of the Sculptor as a Young Boy
  • Monika Lee, Whoonu?
  • Maryleah Otto, Blueberry Hill
  • Katherin Anderson, Abracadabra
  • Daniela Elza, The Shape of Questions \ Milk Tooth Bane Bone
  • Lorna Crozier, Last Breath \ Getting Used to It
  • Priscilla Atkins, Lid
  • A.F. Moritz, Toys
  • Sean Howard, Shadowgraph 25: the Direct Path Has Now Been Opened
  • X.J. Kennedy, Ladder to the Moon
  • Kim Goldberg, The Invitation
  • Scott Inniss, Chantey
  • Yi-Mei Tsiang, Transitions \ Walking
  • John B. Lee, Poem for a Fish Who Needs a Bicycle \ Pokeweed
  • Liz Kirby, Apple Harvest
  • Elana Wolff, Fifty-Five Try Words for Daughter
  • Wanda Campbell, Worm Sonnet \ Taking My Daughters Tubing
  • Elaine Dallman, I Never Thought About Being Short
  • Catherine Owen, From: Mary Holden’s 1688 Almanac \ March: In Your Barren Fruit Trees, Bore Holes and Drive Hard Wedges of Oak.
  • F.D. Reeve, The Cat & the Fool
  • Sandra Mooney-Ellerbeck, Perceptions
  • Judy Little, Timescape \ Horizon \ Gilgamesh
  • Deirdre Dwyer, The Bigelow’s Dog
  • Ruth Roach, Pierson A Hard Nut to Crack
  • Ilona Martonfi, The Cellar Room
  • Rocco de Giacomo, Lethbridge


  • Gabriel Wainio-Theéberge, First Place: Shovelling Ice
  • Mina Elza, Second Place: Flying Shoe
  • Connor MacCuspie, Third Place: Poetry Hides
  • Abagail McIntyre-Tsiang, Honorable Mention: Unititled


  • Ariela Freedman, Letter From Jerusalem


  • Ruth Fazal, Interview by Jane Hope \ Excerpts from I Never Saw Another Butterfly


  • Kevin Higgins, Azelea – Journal of Korean Literature & Culture (Volume One)
  • Maxianne Berger, These Proses a Problem or Two by Ken Strange
  • Laurie Graham, Jack by Mike Spry

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