6 | Art of Fugue | Jan Zwicky

Art of Fugue
Vallum Chapbook Series No. 6
Jan Zwicky

In Art of Fugue, a focused offering from the Governor General Award winner, Jan Zwicky explores loneliness and death through the repetition of stark, striking images. Painful, but undeniably beautiful, Zwicky evokes powerful emotions through simple language and sparse details. Seemingly mundane images intimately connect readers to the speaker. Using brief sections, this long poem quietly sketches loss and anguish, rendering them at once both universal and terrifyingly personal.

Author’s Bio

Jan Zwicky – poet, essayist, philosopher, musician. Her passions for music and philosophy are often the focus of her poetic work, and her theoretical essays call attention to these overlaps. She won the Governor General’s Award for Songs for Relinquishing the Earth (Brick Books). She currently teaches philosophy at the University of Victoria in British Columbia and works as an editor for Brick Books.


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