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Essays: Leonard Cohen and Koans. New Views on Irish Poetry \ Poems by Jan Conn, Todd Swift, Jean-Mark Sens, D.C. Reid and more… \ Excerpt from Rob Allen‘s “The Encantadas” \ Art of Wonderment \ Reviews of A. R. Ammons, Robin Robertson, Ken Babcock, Gary Barwin



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Table of contents


  • Jean-Mark Sens, Blossom
  • Kris Saknussemm, Rain Blessing
  • Paul Tyler The Angels in the Engine Room
  • Pamela Porter, W of the 102nd Meridian, Southeast Saskatchewan \ One April
  • Katerina Fretwell, Sleeping Dragon
  • Ricardo Pau-Llosa Gotterdammerung
  • Trina Baker, Agnus Dei
  • Joshua Auerbach, Electrons and Silence
  • Gabe Foreman, Space Cadets
  • Todd Swift, Gentlemen of Nerve \ Natural Curve
  • Jack Miller, Dharma 2.0
  • Tom Drescher, A Rising Curl of Steam
  • Mark Dow, from You Tell Me
  • Jason Gries, Braided Hair in Raim
  • Daniel Newman, Re-cognition
  • Crystal Hurdle, The Somnambulist
  • Gary Barwin, The Smooth Fingers of the Phrenologist’s Baby \ Why I Write \ Antelope
  • Kevin Higgins, Betrayals
  • Brian Burke, Spying on My Father as Gardener
  • Rob Allen, from The Encantadas
  • Matthew Tucker, ENT
  • Thomas March, The Raided Nest
  • Joshua Auerbach, Borders II
  • Kim Bridgford, The Surprise
  • Jan Conn, Dalí d’hiver
  • Nathaniel G. Moore, from No. 14
  • D.C. Reid, Cleo – Take me
  • Vincent Toro, A Subtle Blindness
  • Helen Zisimatos, The Only Indication


  • Monika Lee, Diary and Extended Koan: The Sacred Text of Leonard Cohen’s Book of Longing


  • Kevin Higgins, Helping Irish Poetry Break Out of the Victorian Drawing Room


  • Nita Pronovost, Frogments from the Frag Pool: Haiku after Basho by Gary Barwin and derek beaulieu \ A.R. Ammons, Selected Poems, edited by David Lehman and Swithering by Robin Robertson
  • Kevin Higgins, Redgrove’s Wife by Penelope Shuttle and Straight Astray by Alessio Zanelli
  • Kimberly Burwick, Airstream Land Yacht by Ken Babstock
  • Sonja A. Skarstedt, Church by Robert Nazarene


  • Andrew Topel, Sign Language 5 \ Sign Language 1 \ From Daylight to Midnight
  • Scott Helmes, Splurge \ A Poem for 3 Voices \ A Haiku Poem for 3 Voices
  • Scott Helmes and John M. Bennett, Untitled
  • John Vieira, La Vie


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