I dreamt we were a family
of Dilberts with Ziggy noses.
Mom was snapping
the sordid candid portrait—
time-lapse, time-delay.
Dad kept pulling long faces
while the shutter fired off—
no matter cuz Mother didn’t
make it to the pose in time.
Finally she submitted
she never cared
to be in the picture.
We weren’t the Simpsons.
I was the baby of the family
but I didn’t have a soother
like Maggie or my thumb in
my mouth like me.
After much clicking
we were all released
by time.


Meredith Darling‘s poetry, creative non-fiction and reviews have appeared in numerous publications including The Toronto Quarterly, Lemon Hound, and Leonard Cohen: You’re Our Man. She received an Honourable Mention in Vallum’s poetry contest and her video poem for The Outsider is on the magazine’s YouTube channel. A graduate of Concordia’s MA in English and Creative Writing program, Meredith also studied at the Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute in New York and the Second City in Chicago.