Kevin Irie | CURRENT


The sludge-slow flow of a runaway current
opens a path we can’t continue, tugs
at what no hand can pull along.

It’s how even water loses memory,
travels a direction it cannot find,
……………….. a body let loose of its own skin
to separate itself from what it belongs to—
depth, surface,

……………….. Keep going,
it says, without a word

as it takes the plunge to free what was form
into no shape it knew
it could be.


Author’s Bio

Kevin Irie has published previously in Vallum, as well as in the States, England and Australia. His book, Viewing Tom Thomson, A Minority Report (Frontenac House, 2012) was a finalist for both the Toronto Book Award and the Acorn-Plantos People’s Poetry Award. He lives in Toronto.