Jessica Bebenek | THE WORLD WITHOUT



We cut ourselves on this regret like glass. Turn
when there is no turning to be had—the small threat

of our hands naked and shivering into the floating globes
of our air. Shriveled grey of the salt-faced sidewalk

to guide us—This is our own fault, own paws coy and dipping
too deep. Where you find depth, we find dregs—the leaves.

Our Future. We can be anything we want
now. We have emerged from a vat of thick grey ropes,

orchid-scented, sweet-pea-tasting. You will never have us back.
Not even with your tears. Not even with your laugh.

Each love, every short life—a fulgent mansion on an island.
At the end of each trial, soaked, off-screen, we die enchantingly.


Author’s Bio

JESSICA BEBENEK is a poet and essayist currently pursuing an MA at Concordia University in Montreal. She is presently at work on her first full collection of poetry, No One Knows Us Here, and a non-fiction collection, Writing for Men. Her fourth chapbook will be released by Desert Pets Press this Spring.