Hana Woodbridge | OUR THIN PLACE

somewhere in New York, a woman collects
our dreamsā€”*

ear-tags our fleshy sleeping psyches and lines
them in neat taxonomies on her shelf

in mine, the bees have gone extinct and the fish
have sunk to mud and the backbones of

our ecosystems have collapsed under human weight

we wake to burnt skies, ash like snow, cracked earth,
oceans sinking the heat of five atomic bombsā€”

ghost crops of maize and wheat, the traces
of more-than-human histories through which

everything is made and unmade

we have turned biota to spectreā€”haunted ancient

the lush rainforests of Eocene Antarctica, Ediacaran
Australia whose moon was far brighter than our own

the tick, tick, tick of deep time

we have sold out companion species for transient comfort,
for dreamworlds of progressā€”butchered

our Holocene entanglements

here is the debris of capitalist waste,
the unspectacular afterlives of discarded things**

we slept through its beginning, my body
wrapped in yoursā€”

our balcony blanketed in November snow and
stillnessā€”city soundwaves travelling

shorter distances



*Martha Crawford, a therapist based in New York, has collected and compiled dreams about climate change for her Climate Dreams Project.

**From Arts of Living on a Damaged Planet: Ghosts and Monsters of the Anthropocene.Anna Lowenhaupt Tsing, Heather Anne Swanson, Elaine Gan, and Nils Bubandt, Editors


Hana Woodbridge (she/they) is a graduate student at Concordia University and an emerging eco-poet in Tiohti:Ć”ke (MontrĆ©al). Her artistic work is a mixture of memoir and eco-literatureā€”spanning waterways, climate change, multispecies relations, and her own personal experiences. When she isnā€™t conducting her research or writing poetry, Hana can be found taking film photographs or spending time in nature.