DM Bradford | CUTE BEAR


Rock darned
….. to singsong
the elements

….. out my pocket
.. the ghosts too many
……. in the quiet

too quick before
….. our bedtime followed
…….. by robots of the night

This is your prone breath
….. in the first heat wave
………. so sticky

with no touching I’m
obbligato and chill
cute bear mauling

cottage piano Esther Perel
…….. real live couple’s therapist
charming a hole in my hand

Stroke sheet blatto
to that deep I’ll never be safe
here just existing I hate

my dad was right
place and sorry
for your face right then

Your thumb on my lip
so done with me
…… for the night

and sweet as saltfish


Author’s Bio

D.M. Bradford is the author of Nell Zink Is Damn Free (Blank Cheque Press, 2017) and Call Out (Knife|Fork|Book, 2017). Their work has appeared in Lemon Hound, Group Huddle, Prairie Fire and Toronto Lit Up’s The Unpublished City. He splits his time between Montreal and Toronto.