D. Susan Willis Chan | UNITY AND DIVERSITY


What’s time between us?
Warp, wrinkle, the steady ticking of my kitchen clock.
Electromagnetism runs to infinity
a spectrum of paths,
of highs and lows invisible, not without form and void.
We are two souls, irreconcilable
threads rising and falling in waves
regular like the mindful breath.
The lazy eye sees only opposition,
but we are pricks of light,
of light, on that spectrum.
Not so far apart, or so estranged in the endless emitting
that we cannot merge, particles in a flow.
Point definitions of all the light we cannot see.


Author’s Bio

D. Susan Willis Chan I am a person of the ecotone. My writing occupies the space between head and heart, science and art, despair and hope, human endeavor and the natural. I see poems; I mold poems; I do not create them.