and thinking of Whitman


I love looking downriver—under
the last two bridges before the harbour

toward the lady and where the ferry
still crosses from island to island—

and imagining what you’d make of
what we’ve made of the busy docks

of your Brooklyn, the rhythms of so
many masts coming in and going out

replaced by these glassy monstrosities,
wart-like clear to the water’s edge.

Though I’ve a friend who swam
around the lesser island, another who

rowed around the greater one, I am
just now content with loafing right

where I am on this rent stabilized
couch in a Williamsburg high-rise,

my soul reclined doglike beside me
and like me taking in the view of two

cities waking—the cat in the window
apparently loving it too, an early train

on the bridge behind us grumbling
its high way above the hasting current.

Author’s Bio

Brad Davis’ new collection is Trespassing on the Mount of Olives (Cascade, 2021). Having earned an MFA from Vermont College of Fine Arts, he has gone on to teach creative writing in two boarding schools and two colleges. Currently living in Connecticut in the US, he hopes to return one day to his first home in Kelowna, BC.