Music of the spheres

and floating adrift among the spheres
I harmonize while washing dishes
onlooker with stars behind my eyes

who walks in dreams on faraway worlds
owns the seven frames of perception
sees beyond the measure of an eye

among the spheres there’s light and freedom
the woman at the sink never knows
coming down I hear the music fade

Author’s Bio

Bob MacKenzie grew up in a photo studio in mid-century rural Alberta with artist parents. His poetry has appeared in almost 400 journals across North America and as far away as Australia, Greece, India, and Italy. Bob has published sixteen volumes of poetry and prose-fiction and his work has appeared in numerous anthologies. Bob has received local and international awards for his writing as well as an Ontario Arts Council grant for literature, a Canada Council Grant for performance, and a Fellowship to attend the Summer Literary Seminars in Tbilisi, Georgia. With the ensemble Poem de Terre, for eighteen years Bob’s poetry has been spoken and sung live with original music, and the group has released six albums.